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Places to Visit Panchgani

This page gives the information about What to do in Panchgani. There are so many places to see in Panchgani they are as follows .

Table Land Panchgani | Sherbaug Panchgani | Sydney Point Panchgani | Asia Plateau Panchgani | Mapro Garden Panchgani | Parsi Point Panchgani | Devil S Kitchen Panchgani | Kamalgad Fort Panchgani | Dhom Dam Panchgani

Panchgani Sightseeing

Some populr Panchgani sightseeing are as follows:

Table Land Panchgani

Table Land Panchgani Tableland is Asia's second longest mountain plateau. A tableland is the highest part of Panchgani with a height of 4550 feet above from sea level and it covers 95 acres area. This is a wide mixture of laterite stones and this place gives the charm view of Panchgani hill station itself. From Tableland we can see blown views of the rajpuri caves and the place called as 'Devil's' Kitchen from here.
The springy turf of tableland is beautifully carpeted with the tiny blue bonnet & star & other pretty grasses that come up in the month of August & September. On tableland we can do horse riding, Merry go rounds, mini trains etc., also with few food stalls & couple of games counters.

Sherbaug Panchgani

Sherbaug PanchganiSherbaug is a popular attraction in Panchgani. A shine land with spectacular dingle is is what Sherbaug is made of. It has calm and nice Garth for children's which is a near from pretty rose garden. Many activities are undertaken in this region put in order from clay pot making to sculpturing with a cute rabbits hooping throught and gander lazily surfing the pool, this is the ideal place to spend your evening.

Sydney Point Panchgani

Sydney Point PanchganiSydney point is an enjoyable point which is a top of the Krishna Valley. It is at a small distance of just 2km from Panchgani. Sydney Point is renowned for offering beautiful views of the Krishna Valley, Kamalgad Fort, Dhom Dam, and the city of Wai.
Krishna valley was named after Sir Sidney Beckwarth, who was commander in chief and senior member of council. Sir Sidney Beckwarth temporarily succeeded Sir John Malcolm as the Governor of Bombay in 1830. The hillock also offers beautiful views of the hill ranges of Pandavgad and Mandhardeo.

Asia Plateau Panchgani

Asia Plateau PanchganiNestling in the occidental mountains of India and Krishna Valley lies Asia Plateau. Asia Plateau is a center for introspection. Ordinary men and women of all classes, races and religions have experienced here from last fourty years. Because of that , a change in attitude, motivation and behavior causing ripples in their personal lives, families, workplaces, communities, and sometimes much beyond.
Asia Plateau is 1,300 meter height in Panchgani which having 68 acres area. Asia Plateau is only 100Kms. From Pune. It is recommended to bring some hot clothing and walking shoes.
Asia Plateau Panchgani is 1,300 meter hight in Panchgani wgich having 68 acres area. Asia Plateu is only 100Kms. From pune. It is recommended to bring some hot clothing and walking shoes.

Mapro Garden Panchgani

Mapro Garden PanchganiMapro garden is Garth Park in the Panchgani, which is near from Mahabaleshwar. Mapro garden is a popular for production of Strawberry. This is a famous place to visit in Panchgani. In this garden popular annual Strawberry Festival is hosted. Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani allow 85% of the entire Strawberry produce in India. The Strawberry Festival panders the strawberry plantation. The highlights of this festival are fresh farm picked strawberry lined up on tables for visitors to eat to their fullest as well as traditional folk performances such as Shivkalin Dhol and Lezim, a high energy dance for which dancers are invited from Pratapgarh.

Parsi Point Panchgani

Parsi Point PanchganiParsi point is the favourite Panchgani points of the Parsi Community. Like the Europeans the Parsi too had realized that great good could be derived from the salubrious climate of Panchgani for both the young & old of their Community. Parsi point proposed you one of the breath-taking panoramas of the Krishna Valley.

Devil S Kitchen Panchgani

Parsi Point PanchganiThe Devil's Kitchen is another place to visit in Panchgani which is situated in the south of tableland. In the Mahabharata the Pandava's used to this place to cook their food. This is popular places to visit Panchgani.

Kamalgad Fort Panchgani

Kamalgad Fort PanchganiKamalgad (lotus fort) is also called Bhelanja or Kattalgad (death fort) is a square hill fort. Kamalgad fort is a nice tourist place for visitors placed at a distance of just 69Kms from Panchgani. This fort is placed at a height of 4522 ft and it is worth visiting.

Dhom Dam Panchgani

Dhom Dam PanchganiDhom Dam is too beautiful site for aqua location lovers. Dhom Dam is situated 22 kms from Panchgani. Dhom dam built on Krishna River, along with its green environs augments the pleasure of adventure water sports. This is also a beautiful boating spot where we can enjoy with Scooter and speed boats. This dam was built in 1978. This is placed in western Maharashtra. This dam also provides the water for the ranch in the Panchgani. Many tourists visit here through the year. Maharashtra government is planning to stimulate tourism here.

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