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Panchgani History

Graceful Panchgani was discovered in British raj as the summer resort, and steward whose named John Chesson was placed in charge of this place in the mid of 1863. John Chesson was planting many western plants like silver oak and poinsettia, which are prosper since then in that hill station. John Chesson, a British Superintendent was in charge of the hill town in 1860. He contributed a lot in enhancing the scenic splendor of the town by importing lovely plant species like silver oak and poinsettia from foreign land and planting them in the green environs of the hill station. Mr. Chesson introduced hospitals, schools, agriculture, and farming to this area and the hill resort was given a new makeover. The recommendation of John Chesson changed the fate of the hill station. In 1863, Sir Bartle Frere declared it as a Hill Sanatorium for the Europeans. This is the main history of Panchgani. There are so many Panchgani Resorts and hotels are present from so many years which provides good Panchgani accommodation .
panchgani HistoryActually Mahabaleshwar was the choice of the British as summer resort, but it was desert in the monsoon. Actually Panchgani was developed as the retirement place for the British people. John Chesson was deputed to find a suitable place. He surveyed the hills in this region in the company of one Dubach (Grandfather of Xerxes Dubash), and finally decided on this nameless area in the vicinity of the five villages: Dhandeghar, Godavli, Amral, Khingar, and Taighat. That is actual fact why this hill station named as Panchgani.

History of Panchgani

Panchgani hill station is placed in the mid of the 5 hills in the mountain ranges named Sahyadri. Famous Krishna River flows near from this hill station. Volcanic plateau is the second highest in the Asia, which is near from Panchgani. The area has high seismic activity, with an epicenter near Koynānagar where the Koynanagar Dam and a hydroelectric power plant have been built. Panchgani is at a height of 4300 feet above from sea level & 200 feet below from Mahabaleshwar which is 19 kms west of it. All Seasons are near about same in this hill station. There is not much difference between hottest and coldest seasons of the year in Panchgani. Thus the climate is sweet thought in the year. Oct-Feb in the coldest months in the year which having 20-25 C during the day and 10-15 C during night. March and May having summer session there are 25-30 C temperature during the day and 15-200C during the night. Monsoon is usually between June-September & rainfall is approximately 65 to 80 inches. Panchgani escapes heavy rains.

Chalukyas, Bahmani, Mauryas, Rashtrakutas, Adil Shah, Silahar, Marathas, Peshwas, Satavahanas, Mughal and British were the rulers of the Panchgani. Panchgani is famous for its scenic natural attractions from many years. John Chesson, Xerxes Dubash, Bhawanrao Pantpratinidhi, Shahuji Maharaj, Sambhaji Maharaj, Raja Bhoj, King Bhojraj II, Aurangzeb, Shrimant Chhatrapati Sumitraraje Bhosle, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, etc were the famous personalities in Panchgani history.

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