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About Panchgani

Panchgani is a hill station present in Maharashtra, India. Meaning of Panchgani is (panch-'Five' Gani-'Hills') place of 5 hills being an area of 6 sq. km is located 18 km east of Mahabaleshwar on Mahabaleshwar Wai road on the heavy rain and fog. This is an influential hill resort. Panchgani is located 1,305 meters altitude. Panchgani is lively spontaneous places and its luster multiplies with the background hilly spot at one side and onshore fields are at other side. Panchgani had been used by British as their summer resort. Panchgani hill station is a pollution free area and in the air of that area content of oxygen is more than other region. Due to this region many people select this place as recuperate from ailment. Atmosphere is very cool and calm and excellent environment is perfect for overhauling. Panchgani's famous place has been the location for many Indian Movies, like "Taare Zameen Par", "Agent Vinod" etc.

Tourists of Panchgani can spend their vacations in full enjoyment because there are many hotels with luxurious facilities for the tourists. This place endue with building of British architecture, boarding school and houses of Parsi. This town is the spot of the rest which also having comfortable impact because of woody region. British people was planted many western plants In Panchgani like poinsettia and silver oaks etc. Air of Panchgani is fresh and climate is also very nice it is good for the recuperation, especially for those people who are suffering from TB. That is why Panchgani become a popular health resort. Dr. Rustom Billimoria (well known TB specialist in Mumbai) set up the Bell Air Sanatorium, also known as Dalkieth as a centre for the treatment of Tuberculosis.

Fresh atmosphere, appropriate inartificial glory, blown and soulful greeneries make this place as the most sought hill station in all over Maharashtra. This place is also popular for international quality education, there are many school giving standard facilities for the students. Mahabaleshwar Hill Station and Venna Lake are the popular places near from Panchgani. In short we can say the city tourism is best places to visit about Panchgani tourism.

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About Panchgani




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About Panchgani Weather

panchgani Weather Normally Panchgani weather is average throughout the year. September to November months is nice making it the perfect time for visit and all types of activities of tourist. In the months from December to February has Panchgani weather is cold, which is also best for tourist activities but one may require light woolen clothes during this period. Panchgani weather is suit with any kind of person. Panchgani become a popular health resort because of Panchgani weather.

About Panchgani Tourism

About Panchgani TourismPanchgani tourism is one of the best tourism site in Maharashtra. Panchgani is a popular hill station in Maharashtra, India. There are so many Places To Visit Panchgani. Atmosphere of Panchgani is very fresh mostly in Dec-Feb months. Panchgani is a popular hill station speckled with many luxurious places and facilities where tourist can spend their vacation with oneness and happiness. This place endow with British architecture's buildings, Boarding schools and Parsi Houses.

About Panchgani Attractions

About Panchgani AttractionsThere are so many popular Panchgani Attractions. Most of the Panchgani attractions are related to the nature. Table Land Panchgani, Sherbaug, Sydney Point Panchgani, Asia Plateau, Mapro Gardens, Parsi Point, The Devil's Kitchen, Kamalgad, Dhom Dam are some popular Panchgani Attractions. British architecture's buildings, Boarding schools and Parsi Houses are also Panchgani attractions.

About Best Time to Visit Panchgani

Best Time to Visit PanchganiPanchgani climate is average thought the year. Tourist can visit through year in Panchgani, But September - May is best time to visit Panchgani.

About History of Panchgani

History of PanchganiHistory of Panchgani is rounded from British's. Panchgani was discovered in 1963 when British raj was in India. British were declaring Panchgani as a summer resort. Actually Mahabaleshwar was the choice of the British as summer resort, but it was desert in the monsoon. Actually Panchgani was developed as the retirement place for the British people.

About Panchgani Market

panchgani MarketThere are so many malls, supermarkets; traditional old bazaars are extant in Panchgani. Retention shopping in Panchgani is a popular thing in to do Panchgani. Shivaji Circle, Buddha-Ka-Bazaar, Mapro shops are popular Panchgani markets.

About Temples in Panchgani

Temples in PanchganiMahabaleshwar Temple Panchgani, Lord Karthikeya Temple, Panchganga Mandir are popular temples in Panchgani. These temples are historical temples in Panchgani.

About Culture of Panchgani

Culture of PanchganiPanchgani is close to culturally and historically valuable areas of Maharashtra. There are many temples are located and closed by Wai and Panchgani. Krishna River is a popular river in Panchgani. Krishna utsav is also one famous function.

About Festivals in Panchgani

Festivals in PanchganiPanchgani is a hill station placed in the state of Maharashtra. Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali and the Strawberry festival are the main festivals in Panchgani. Festivals in Panchgani are celebrated with great fanfare and enthusiasm.

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